Expert-based and personalized nutrition solutions.

Helping athletes and individuals achieve their goals on and off the court.

About ME

My name is Aja Gyimah and I am a Registered Dietitian (RD) who specializes in sport and exercise nutrition.

I support athletes and individuals who are looking to become the best version of themselves.

Why Choose an RD?

A registered dietitian is a regulated health care practitioner who undergoes extensive clinical education and training in nutrition and dietetics.


Dietitians are a trustworthy and credible source of nutrition information.

*Services from a registered dietitian may be covered by private insurance*


Individual nutrition counselling session between dietitian and client.


For athletes and individuals looking to improve their health


  • Performance Nutrition Strategies

  • Healthy Eating Strategies

  • Nutrition therapy for diabetes, high blood pressure, Crohn's, celiac disease & more

1-on-1 Nutrition Counselling


For sports teams looking for a competitive edge


  • Sport Nutrition 101 Workshop

  • Training Camp Necessities

  • Fuelling for Away Competitions

  • Sport Nutrition Resources

Sport Nutrition Workshops


Keep your employees healthy and in the right mindset to perform their best


  • Lunch-n-Learns

  • Nutrition Bootcamps

  • Wellness Challenges

  • Health & Wellness Resources

Workshops and Wellness Challenges

past clients

Carleton University Ravens
Ringette Alberta provincial team
Leaside Volleyball Club 17U
Scarborough Synergy Volleyball Club
Unity Volleyball Club
West Ottawa Wild Ringette AA

Featured In

Featured in the Ottawa Marathon Blog for writing an article about beets and nitrates.

Ottawa Marathon

Featured: Future Dietitian Gyimah Fuels Ravens and her Future Career as a Dietitian Nutritionist

Kassia's Sports Blog

Feature in Parade Magazine: Wellness - The Best Breakfast for weight loss, according to instagram registered dietitians

Parade Magazine

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