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Easy & Healthy Snack Ideas

Social distancing is causing many of us to work in our living rooms and kitchens. Whether you're working from home or your classes have gone online, it's time to address the elephant in the room. Snacking. I know from personal experience that if chips, candy and ice cream is within close proximity to me, I'm bound to reach for them when I get bored or a little hungry.

Snacking is great! It provides energy and nutrients to keep you going. Snacking also helps athletes meet their protein needs. Even during a time like this when you're not as active as you usually are, maintaining a high protein intake is crucial to maintaining lean muscle mass.

A while ago I created a YouTube video about healthy, cheap & tasty dessert ideas:

Here are a few more snack ideas that I love to munch on when I'm bored:

easy and healthy snacks - 5 minute snacks. High protein snacks.

  • Veggies + Greek Yogurt Dip: This is the easiest snack ever. Just mix some onion soup mix into a bowl of plain greek yogurt and mix it up. There's your high-protein dip!

  • Popcorn with DIY seasoning: Movie theatre popcorn is great but it's crazy high in sodium, which is associated with high blood pressure. Instead, I make my own! I usually air pop popcorn in my popcorn popper???? (I honestly don't even know what it's called). If you don't have a popcorn popper just use a pan with a lid and pop the kernels on your stove - just remember to keep shaking the kernels around so they don't burn. Once popped, I pour a little bit of olive oil on it and then make my own popcorn seasoning using parmesan cheese, paprika and Italian seasoning. Very easy, low calorie/sodium snack to eat while you're bingeing Netflix.

  • Apple Cookies: A lil protein, a lil carb & a lil fat. The perfect pair. I just slice up apples so they look like thin donuts and then I spread peanut butter on them. Toppings can vary, but I usually use coconut flakes and sliced almonds. PS. The Carleton Women's Hockey Team really liked these!

Here's a bonus snack that never fails me, even the UCLA Men's Volleyball Team loved it!

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