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Your COVID-19 Food Guide

Since mid-March our worlds have been turned upside-down. No more training, no more sports and no more routine! Over the past few weeks we have all watched the world as we knew it come to a screeching halt. Social distancing is the new cool and it's all we're talking about lately!

It's a nightmare having your routine suddenly vanish from you. In my house, grocery shopping on the way home from work 3-4 times a week was part of our routine. Now, we are asked to go once a week and we're still getting used to it.

It's a stressful time for many of us, emotionally, physically and financially. It's likely that you may have more mouths to feed and are required to cook more meals at home. This is a major adjustment that takes a lot of time, effort and financial planning.

Also, you're likely trying to remain active and eat healthy while you are contained in your home for most of the day. But, how can we focus on eating better when we are always around food? Like myself, I'm sure many of you have been snacking more than usual and that is okay.

I've received many questions about eating healthy during this pandemic, what foods to use that won't spoil quickly and how to eat to "boost your immune system". I figured, I could make 20 blog articles about this, or I could make a single book that covers all of your eating needs during the COVID-19 crisis.

So, I created Your COVID-19 Food Guide, equipped with:

  • An FAQ on how to eat to support the immune system

  • Healthy meal planning tools and tricks

  • A budget-friendly grocery list

  • TONS of long-lasting, healthy recipes to feed the entire family

Lastly, 50% of all proceeds are going to FoodShare Toronto, a food justice organization that is working hard to bring food to those facing insecurity in our community.

Your COVID-19 Food Guide is your one-stop shop for everything food-related while social distancing. My goal with this guide is to help you free up your schedule so you have more time to focus on other important things, healthy eating is already covered!

P.S. HUGE shoutout to our front-line healthcare workers who are battling for our health right now. As well as our essential workers in grocery stores! You are the real superheroes right now.

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